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Learn more about Mark Holcomb from Fair Oaks, CA - United States.

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My approach to photography is quite simple, although the number of buttons, choices, levels, of today's equipment make simple a goal but usually not a reality. I love the immediacy of digital but hate the complexity compared to using film. I approach most all of my work as a still life. Most of the images are found and therefore presented as they are. However, I am not beyond adding my own touch to the composition in terms of altering elements in the scene, and sometimes paint to embellish.

When I was young my head was never held high. I always looked down at or near my feet a lot. I began to become familiar with the patterns on the street at ground level. I loved the excitement of macro street photography, but find the work I love the most is photographing the solitary urban objects that nobody else notices. I take a mindful approach to creating art. I believe when I am calm and clear the images usually find me and invite me to capture them. I never look for things to photography but usually wait to be called to capture. I always start by looking down. I want to thank photographers Jürgen Tapprich, Dick Hixson, Larry Keenan, and brother Rod Holcomb for mentoring and teaching me. It was my privilege to assist and apprentice them.

I have been a mediocre technician. Many other photographers have a better grasp on light and exposure than I. I have only seen the camera as a tool, like a brush or tube of paint. The subject has always been the focus. I have spent many years as both photographer and psychotherapist trying to understand and embrace a relationships with things and people. An explaination of my work does not do justice to the process of actually doing it. I love using the camera as the basis of my art.

Mark Holcomb joined Licensing on July 16th, 2015.