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There are profound evils, hiding in the center of our grey matter. We don't see them, but they are materially real. They take form in the conformation of our synapses. Unnoticed, they transform human beings into monsters. Sometimes they are just funny and relatively inoffensive goblins, but sometimes they are inhuman beasts that possess and govern us. After all, is pretty easy to transform ourself into demons and succubi. And many of us are that, without even knowing it. My job is to examine and catalog the anatomy of this evil, like an anatomopathologist studies and classifies different sick tissues.
As a physician, I can't avoid seeing that, there is not only material sickness, but there is a more pervasive and diffuse soul sickness around.
Open your eyes.
It can be painful, but...
Once they are really open you start seeing not just monsters, but they are open also to the amazing beauty that is all around you.
And that is something else I want to make you see.

Marco Barucco joined Licensing on June 7th, 2015.