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Learn more about Manos Chronakis from Athens, Athens - Greece.

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Thank You very much for Your visit!!! I was born in Crete, and I live in Athens Greece, but at the same time I feel a citizen of the universe. You also have a part of universe inside you. I love all kinds of art as I believe that without aesthetics and art our world would be an uninhabited dry dead planet. I studied cinematography and creative writing at the American College of Greece. One of my poems was once awarded and in 2019 my first novel entitled 'Knife In The Rain' was published. But because English language is not my mother language, I decided to tell my stories with images and digital paintings. I love music, movies and cinemas, painting, graphic design, and writing stories with words, images and soul aesthetics. Have wonderful moments and Namaste!!

Manos Chronakis joined Licensing on June 1st, 2021.