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About Mamie Gunning

Learn more about Mamie Gunning from Portland, OR - United States.

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I am fortunate to live in the Northwest, home of ubiquitous beauty and an abundance of passive light. I love to travel and am inspired in new places, seeking to capture images, feeling and composition; however, I spend more time shooting in my own backyard... looking at the familiar with a fresh approach. I have had a passion for photography since getting my first camera in the third grade and will never forget the wonder of seeing a blank piece of paper turning into an image in the darkroom. Currently, a limited selection of my greeting cards and prints is available at STARS Antique Mall, Space #90, 7027 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR and which offers prints on various mediums and numerous framing options.

I mostly shoot in natural lighting conditions and use a minimal amount of photo manipulations, although my gallery 'Special Effects' is all about manipulation. My other galleries include: Portland, San Francisco, Roadtrips and Landscapes, Inanimate Objects, Flower Power, The Coast, Things Architectural, Nature, Wine, Black & Whites and Portraits. I am happy to share my images with a wider audience.


Mamie Gunning joined Licensing on April 16th, 2013.