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Learn more about Madeleine Prochazka from Northridge, CA - United States.

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Although born and raised in France of Armenian parents, I came to the US long ago and have lived in California ever since.
I loved painting from a very young age but got discouraged by an unkind comment from someone I looked upon as an authority figure when I was 14. I then became an English language and literature teacher in France, then a French language and literature teacher in the U.S. I quit to raise two daughters and upon my return to the work force was forced to start a bottom level in business. Having made my way back up since then, I have now retired.
I recently rediscovered painting, thanks to a daughter who gave me an easel and canvases as a Christmas present a few years ago. I haven't stopped painting since then! I was obviously impressed by the Impressionist style which my highschool teacher favored also. I love and appreciate any style, however, that somehow 'speaks' to me.
Please see more of my works on, Paintings I, Saatchi On Line,, or check my website at

Madeleine Prochazka joined Licensing on September 4th, 2009.