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Learn more about Lutz Baar from Partille, Sw - Sweden.

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Lutz Baar - Fine Art Prints and Fine Art Photography. I am a German born artist, living in Partille outside Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden. Born and educated in Berlin, Germany. After a long career as an art director and typeface-designer I turned in 2006 into full-time painting and photographing.

Perception is everything in art. The artist goal is to influence the viewer to see the world as the artist does. This can change the viewers mood, their mind, their outlook - even if only for a limited time.

Note: The 'fine art america' watermark in the lower right corner of most images will NOT appear on your ordered print!

All artwork presented here is available at the site as well as at the FineArtAmerica site, with the same pricing and the same printing quality. All artwork shown is the original work of Lutz Baar - protected by US and International Copyright laws. 30 days money-back guarantee!

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Lutz Baar joined Licensing on October 2nd, 2008.