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Lynn Raizel Lane - Artist

About Lynn Raizel Lane

Learn more about Lynn Raizel Lane from West End, NC - United States.

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One-of-a-kind paintings you won't see anywhere ELSE in the world. This artist is a most unique, creative individual, tapping into her empath experiences and dimensions beyond this world to bring out her gifts of visual expressionism. The most IMPORTANT thing about art isn't WHAT you paint, but how it makes you FEEL ~ Art is healing therapy, and everyone sees things differently. PTSD and cancer can change the way people see things. Every mind is fragile, so it's just NOT possible to please everyone. This artist's stretched canvas is prepped & painted entirely by hand in many layers. Viewers may find emotional awareness & feel spiritual connections. The goal is to help bring about meaningful, positive memories, and to remind us all that QUIRKY + WHIMSICAL = FUN :)

** Any sales would truly help SUPPORT this warm-hearted artist to keep on creating, which is MOST appreciated! Art supplies ARE essential.

Born & raised in America, Lynn is no stranger to drama. She became an artist the first time she held a crayon. Every school teacher recognized and mentioned she had amazing art talents, which continued on throughout her life. Some of her adult art studies included International University AIOU of Galway, Ireland, France (online), and USA. Lynn's ancestry came from Ukraine, Russia Federation, Germany, and other European genetics. She is a Fine Art Painter of Acrylic, Oil & Mixed Media originals; all hand painted on stretched canvas. The majority of her skills were obtained via appreciative observation & passionate hands-on practice. One thing that most people wouldn't know, is that Lynn was unanimously VOTED to be 'The NEXT Grandma Moses' (as to status compliment) by her graduating class. But, Lynn doesn't follow any formula. She paints what she feels in her heart & does her prayerful best to raise us all up faithfully! To purchase an original, contact the artist via email Printed products are sold on FAA.

Note: People are so MUCH MORE than the bad things that happen to us! Lynn cannot wait for life to stop being hard for her to be happy, so she still has a positive attitude about her journey. Even with her disabilities from cancer treatments, she has passion to paint whatever INSPIRES her creativity; no holds barred! She's had lifelong faith and abilities to tap into some amazing intuition, as personal reminders of the presence of angels and at times their warnings. Perhaps some Guardian Angels may be relatives as guides? You'll see some interesting art, as some of the fantasy comes from weirder dark energy. But, this artist prefers positive affirmations; some inspired by her Husband's love of 20+ years, or Toy Poodle dogs. They are faithful, emotional support. See if this unique artist can bring some new LIGHT to YOUR world's decor?!!

All work is done by hand. **Note: All artwork is Copyright protected, so please do not copy or make copies.

ENJOY this art as part of your journey and stay BLESSED!

Lynn Raizel Lane joined Licensing on July 14th, 2021.