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Learn more about Lou PhinneyStoltz from Melbourne, FL - United States.

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MrLou is 54 and has been working as an artist for over thirty years. With more than four hundred poems, several short stories, as well as music and spoken word discs, to over eight thousand pieces of digital art paintings, and even a Proposed Constitutional Amendment, it can be said, MrLou is a prolific artist.

In 1995, MrLou became interested in the up and coming internet and wanted images to include with his poetry. He opened a digital painting program, and by September 1998, he was digitally painting full force. Many times, a poem can be as easily born from an image as it can the other way around. Sometimes there is no image to start with at all. . . just a blank canvas on the screen and MrLou's imagination.

MrLou's Art began as a brick and mortar establishment in Cocoa Village Florida in 2005. In 2008, we began the art show circuit where we sell our line of products. Color is fundamental to the digital art, yet MrLou's Art also explores his work as an author, lyricist and musician and when he can studies law.

MrLou lives in Melbourne Florida with his husband of thirty years, Cliff PhinneyStoltz. The work herein would not be without Cliff.They live with five basenji dogs: Rita, Oliver, Lily, Emily and Abigail and Mr Charlie Bird and Orange Wing Amazon.

Thank you for your kind interest in getting to know the artist, MrLou.

Lou PhinneyStoltz joined Pixels.com Licensing on April 3rd, 2011.