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Introduction to Heather King ~ known to many as Thee Owl Queen
Welcome to a short story of silent flight, and feathers white, that saved my life. I received a gift camera at a young age, and there has been one at my side ever since.
A minor concentration of my hobby came when I attended high school, (in the early 90’s) when I learned about film processing in a dark room, developing and making prints. It gave me skills I still use today.

Life for a while hit Fast Forward, a whirlwind of change, from black and white, to color, then zip past the whole transition to digital, and land in 2011. Quite a technology ride.
Now in front of a computer, Wacom tablet pen in hand, In search for inspiration, I came across a photograph of a snowy owl online and I just could not believe my eyes. I just couldn’t fathom that something THAT beautiful existed.
That photo of the snowy owl changed me, in the deepest way, I found someone to live for, a new passion. I HAD to see this owl for myself. My friend drove to every rural town he could find along their winter migratory path and knocked on every farmer's door.
He spoke about my newfound curiosity, and the background, my health issues, fighting chronic late stage Lyme disease, and with time and perseverance, he found a few farmers who said they would call us when the snowy owls returned for the winter.
I will never forget that day in December nearly 10 years ago. I saw ‘her’ on top of a telephone pole. I literally fell to my knees and started weeping.
My soul was altered forever that day. I would bring milk crates and sit upon my orthopedic pillows for days on end watching this gorgeous owl and I learned so much.
I learned the perspective that if she could fly thousands of miles to find a temporary home for the winter all on her own, with no other owl friends or family, braving nearly 40 below zero and survive, then so could I.
Later the next year we discovered that I have late stage Lyme disease, (for which there is no Canadian treatment program or protocol)
I have to travel to the USA for treatment and still do to this day.
The farmers that gave me access to their land I am forever grateful for their generosity, as I got to spend 3 winters in a row with the beautiful snowy owl that saved my life.
Ever since that day I have dedicated my life to owls. Not only do I photograph them, but I talk to them, I study them, I even go as far as studying their migratory paths.
Every species of owl I photograph I have found within a 1 – 10-hour drive from Ottawa.
I visit and contribute to raptor facilities and do whatever I can to spread the message about the beauty of the owls. I donate my photography to wildlife rehab centers to raise funds for them.
25% of all my sales go directly towards owl rehabilitation centers in Ontario & Quebec.
Owls have saved my life, so I in turn will do anything & everything in my power to help save theirs.

Hopefully, I have shared my passion and maybe some has rubbed off and made you more curious about the glory and mystery of owls, and I will meet you, where the wind whispers through the trees and across the fields.

My photography and other artwork can be found at:


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