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Learn more about Linda Brody from Cowan Heights, CA - United States.

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I work in photography and watercolor painting. As you can see from my many Collections/Galleries, I see art and beauty in a wide variety of subjects. My interests vary from natural scenes including unaltered landscapes, to macro photography, to odd and unusual objects (some of which are hard to identify in photos - thus creating interest), to highly digitized abstract art.

If you are in need of something special, or see something that you would like altered to fit your decor/style, please send me a private message or e-mail me through this site. If you have any problems on how to mat and frame a print, or have questions on the selection of print finishes available, please e-mail me through this site.

You can follow me on Facebook where you can also like and comment on my posts:

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Interested in art since a child, my grandmother always bought me coloring books and drawing pads and paints. I excelled in art classes throughout elementary, junior and senior high schools and served as a teacher's aid in ceramics in high school.

I started as an art major in college, and, as part of my education, became proficient in black and white as well as color photography. Wanting a greater challenge, I utilized my creative side and changed my art major to a major and degree in environmental sciences and urban planning. That took my work career into the environmental compliance field where I worked for 35 years.

I hope you enjoy my work.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All images on the Galleries on this page are the original work of Linda Brody. They are for sale, Copyrighted to Linda Brody, and, as such, are protected by the Copyright Laws of the U.S. The images are not to be copied, reproduced, manipulated, or used in any way, without written permission of Linda Brody, artist and photographer. Any unauthorized usage may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the U.S. Copyright Laws.

Linda Brody joined Licensing on August 5th, 2014.