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Learn more about Lily Spandorf Art from Silver Spring, MD - United States.

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View a collection of original paintings and sketches by the renowned artist, the late Lily Spandorf. The images of the paintings and sketches displayed on this website are being sold as prints. However, any piece from our collection can be purchased as an original. If interested in an original work, email
Ms. Spandorf was born in Vienna, Austria in 1914. After graduating with honors from the renowned college of Fine and Applied Arts in Vienna Austria, she moved to London and later traveled throughout Europe achieving high recognition. Ms. Spandorf arrived in the United States in 1959. While in the US, Ms. Spandorf worked as a contributing illustrator for several top publications such as the Washington Post Newspaper, Washington Star, Washingtonian Magazine and National Geographic.
Ms. Spandorf captured the beauty of DC and many presidential affairs. She was commissioned by President John F. Kennedy, and President Lyndon B. Johnson to paint presidential affairs, beautiful DC landscapes and monuments. Her admiration and love of DC architecture inspired her to paint pictures of numerous iconic DC buildings which became an extensive collection of original paintings called Washington Never More. This collection is owned by the Washington, DC Historical Society. Many of her paintings depicting places in DC and scenes from around world were given as presidential gifts to visiting dignitaries. Ms. Spandorf's works are showcased in the US Embassies in Art program. Collections of her paintings are housed at the White House Library, the Senate Art and History Library, the Smithsonian Institute, the National Press Club, museums around the world, and the private homes of US Presidents and foreign dignitaries. Ms. Spandorf designed the second US postage Christmas stamp, and was the official in-house artist under the John F. Kennedy administration. Ms. Spandorf died in Washington, DC on February 4, 2000.

Lily Spandorf Art joined Licensing on April 25th, 2015.