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Learn more about Leonard Lukomski from Warren, MI - United States.

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I enjoy creating nearly as much as I enjoy seeing what others create. The image on the canvas, and the latent photo image is nothing until someone sees it and experiences it visual and vicariously. If it makes them say, 'WOW!'.... That's art!

I specialize in acrylic paintings, but work in other medium. Painting and photography have been a passion for many years. I have created a treasure chest of photographs in 35mm, and more recently in digital format. Travels to the near and far East provided artistic and photgraphic opportunities. Now the US and Canada provide ample subjects for photography and painting. Art is exploring tips and techniques and leaving a legacy for future artists.

Photography makes me see the beauty in life because it requires much attention to detail; framing, focus, lighting, color, and contrast. Much more than 'point and shoot', it. One well thought out photograph is more than 100 rapid fire shots. Only one photograph will make the beholder say 'WOW!'

My 'other career' is an Energy Efficiency Assesment Specialist, and Installation Planning Engineer for IBM, Specializing in assesments and consulting contracts for energy efficiency, physical security, and data center design, and also planning for large system installations, planning for the electrical consumption, heat loads, cooling requirements, data cabling, and space requirements of computer equipment.

Leonard Lukomski joined Pixels.com Licensing on November 25th, 2011.