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Learn more about Laurel Adams from Danville, KY - United States.

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Laurel Adams is a New England born watercolorist and formally trained mixed media artist who now resides in Danville, Kentucky. A former multi-galleried artist and teacher, her credits include: Springfield Museum of Art Exhibit, Private Featured Artist Showings, Exhibit Judge 2008, Tewksbury Art Society Juried Watercolorist, Stage set Designer, three year Historic Red Mill 'The Haunted' Fundraising Effort designer and Painter.
She has also taught creative expression in organizations from Girl Scouts of America to Senior Centers and Nursing Home patrons as well as at Visions Gallery, NJ, private classes and contemplative and spiritual women's retreats.
Her current aesthetic palette embraces natures giftings through the fluid media of primarily watercolour, acrylic and Indian ink;
however, her early work reflected a love of chiaroscuro through soft charcoals and hard graphite sketches.

My earliest childhood recollections emerge from behind the magnifying glass, my Aunt Jill's default babysitting tool. There were playmates: Light, Shadows, Darkness Colour...MAGIC!!
Whether alone or together with her, I was encouraged to 'explore' the ordinary life gifts of: Patterns, Processes, from the Great Paradox.
Amazing expeditions were organized to the worlds of: Ferny frosted windowpanes, Diamonded dew dropped spiderwebs, swampy Skunk cabbaged cities or talcum Sanded rivulet bedded babbling brook banks to name a few. There, on my grandparents acreage where Aunty lived, emerged carefully manicured floral beds and vegetable gardens, meadowy hills for winter sledding, a babbling brook for barefooted splashing and wild berry bushes ripe for picking. Fringing this microcosm were thickly forested spaces for exotic lady slipper, trillium and fiddle fern study. A budding aesthetic named and claimed her world as Laurelland.
It took many years of classical training and formal education, life successes and 'busy-nesses', travels and achievings before the ordinary, great life gifts of Pattern, Process and Paradox came around full circle for the Big Re-Reveal. It is my wish that you enjoy Beauty as my gift to you. Love, Laurel

Laurel Adams joined Licensing on February 7th, 2018.