Kruti Shah - Artist

About Kruti Shah

Learn more about Kruti Shah from Temple City, CA - United States.

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Nature and architecture fascinate me and intensify my passion to create.

Inks, acrylics, canvas and paper are the tools that enable me to reach my goal of creating art that is inspirational and thought provoking. Strong & vibrant colors define the lines and curves in my paintings. Each painting has its own individual character that makes it unique and non-repeatable, and depicts a dialogue between my medium and myself. As if the colors have a mind of their own, they either blend into each other or sometimes dissect the painting into dimensions that create a colorful kaleidoscope. The final outcome is the most out-spoken creation that projects a visual of balance and rhythm.

I find my art work always evolving as it is hard for me to not experiment and take risk. Taking risk adds thrill to my passion for creation. Painting is my way of unleashing energy and embracing freedom. For me it is passion unleashed to create a spark of connection with the world around me.

Kruti Shah joined Licensing on August 26th, 2010.