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Learn more about Kristen Diefenbach from Canton, MI - United States.

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Kristen Diefenbach first started painting as a way of expression while at home sick. She suffers from Dysautonomia, a disorder that affects your whole body and life. Using art as a form of therapy, and expression when times are hard, she picks up her brush and uses her frustration in a productive manner to create something beautiful for not only herself but to prove her disability is not getting the best of her.

'Never let someone tell you that you cannot. Create your own happiness and remember what is important in life.'

Kristen has been sick her whole life, always being tested, but no conclusions were made to what was causing her symptoms. At age 14 she started passing out with no knowledge as to why until her head injury when she was 19. She passed out and smacked her head against the wall splitting it open causing damage and a concussion. That is when her doctors realized this was more than just a phase. After many tests and half a dozen specialists her doctors came to the conclusion that she had 2 forms of Dysautonomia, NCS and POTS. There is no treatment of cure for this disorder and on most days she can barely get out of bed, passing out frequently even with the medications to control some of her symptoms. She loves to paint and does whenever she feels good enough. If you have or know anyone with this disorder feel free to contact me. We all could use some support. Thank you-

Feel free to look around, click on an image to find out more information about it as well as purchasing a print. If you are interested in buying the original painting please contact me directly at or email me on FAA.

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dialogue contemporary fine art gallery - contemporary fine art from the pacific northwest

Kristen Diefenbach joined Licensing on October 19th, 2010.