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About Kent Keller

Learn more about Kent Keller from West Valley, Utah - United States.

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I am a wildlife and nature photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have always loved wildlife and nature. As a child I captured reptiles and brought them home. My mom was so impressed that she moved me to a bedroom in the basement. Everyone else lived upstairs. As I got a little older I realized the wild did not belong in cages. Soon birds of prey captured my spirit and have never let go. I began a study of nesting golden eagles in Utah 45 years ago. I keep track of productivity, prey items the adults bring to the nest and climb cliffs and trees to band the nestlings. I have banded over 2,200 eaglets.
I had fleeting glimpses of wild horses over the years but never pursued them until March of 2009 when I noticed a dust cloud moving my way. The earth trembled as 300 mustangs raced by me. They have captured my imagination and heart. What magnificent creatures they are.
If you happen upon these images of nature I have taken over the years I hope they touch something in your soul and move you in some small way. Our planet, our home and theirs would be a lonely place indeed without them.

Kent Keller joined Licensing on January 2nd, 2016.