Kenneth Albin - Artist

About Kenneth Albin

Learn more about Kenneth Albin from St. Augustine, FL - United States.

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A biologist by training, Kenneth Albin brings the beauty of nature, wildlife, and whatever captures his interest to the public. His works have been used in magazines, textbooks, brochures, and newspapers. Ken specializes in Florida wildlife and nature. A Floridian for 32 years, he fell in love with the swamps, the mysterious and beautiful backroads, and the wonderful variety of animal and plant life in this state.

You will not find garish, Photoshopped, fake scenery here so please look elsewhere if you wish to have that type of art on your wall. The primary goal of Kenneth Albin is to immerse you in his world as it really appears to him. He believes that nature is beautiful enough on its own without false enhancements. He brings you what captures his amazement, with honesty and love. With a Kenneth Albin photograph on your wall you have a little piece of encapsulated wonder. From lying on the ground a foot away from a rattlesnake, wading through swamp muck, or carefully skirting around a 10 foot alligator sunning in the road, Kenneth Albin does whatever it takes to bring you the beauty he sees in the world.

Kenneth Albin joined Licensing on July 16th, 2009.