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About Joshua Lucas

Learn more about Joshua Lucas from Edinboro, PA - United States.

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My name is Joshua Adam Lucas and I live for art. I am fascinated by the way we look at the world around us via the categorical imperative, confirmation bias, and other phenomena attached to gift of intelligence. I am here to serve you!

I attended University with a concentration of film. I did, and still do love film! However, the constraints of the small state school I went to make making films a frustrating experience. I learned a lot about cameras, lightening, and framing compositions. When I took my first photography class I simply fell in love! I found that all the difficulty that came with film was not attached to photography. I also found that I could put a lot of energy and creativity into a single frame (a photo) and that many of the editing techniques I learned in my film classes translating directly into photography. My art is a result of seeking for expression and I am working on expanding my body of work!

Joshua Lucas joined Licensing on October 3rd, 2013.