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Welcome to the Artistic & Mindful Photography of Jonny Jelinek!   Born in Vienna and growing up having a childhood that I'd describe as 'creative', it didn't take long until I discovered something that would set my dream to become an artist in some sort of way, or at least to earn money with a passion, something that I really LOVE doing.   After moving to my first own apartment in the year 2000, including a small balcony overlooking the city, I remember sitting there at the end of each day, watching the sun setting above the danube canal, right behind the small 'mountains' that surround the capital of Austria,...more
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Just Clouds

Cloudscapes, Cloudformations and Single Clouds in different forms have always caught my attention, even more since living on an island with a free and wide view into the sky. ••• As I take pictures of what I see, naturally I have spent a lot of time just photographing clouds, fascinated by the endless and constantly they appear. I think it‘s healthy to watch those light and weightless creations, as somehow it really frees your mind — enjoy!

Jonny Jelinek - Flying Above Clouds 1/3

Flying Above Clouds 1/3 by Jonny Jelinek

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