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About John Keaton

Learn more about John Keaton from Wilmington, DE - United States.

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John Keaton is an internationally known artist, illustrator and designer. He is a master at creating atmosphere and his works convey deep emotions. His style ranges from the highly realistic to the broad abstract, each image is a highly refined and compelling entity unto itself. Keaton's subjects include intense portraits of children, incredibly detailed exotic flowers and emotive expressionistic works. He utilizes a variety of mediums: pencil, ink, oil and acrylic, but is also capable of creating digital artwork and combining the traditional with the computer. John is a member of the Artist Rights Society of New York City and his works continue to delight and inspire a worldwide audience. The author of numerous Art Publications and writings, John is an also Art Educator who firmly believes in the power of creativity and inspiration that enrich our daily lives. All work contained herein are copyright protected by John Keaton Art and Design and may not be used without permission. Take The Time To Dream !!

John Keaton joined Licensing on October 7th, 2007.