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Learn more about John Burman from Albuquerque, NM - United States.

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My inspiration to become a photographer started three and a half years ago when I started to see the beauty of life all around me. I bounced the the idea around in my head for several months and finally decided to purchase a camera. I was very excited and couldn't wait for my camera to arrive in the mail. When I got my camera, I started out taking pictures of many different subjects. Over time I began to develop skills and found what I like to photograph and started to practice capturing photos of beautiful flowers. I kept practicing with my photography and with a lot of trial and error I found that my photos were really good. I shared my work on social media sites and got really good feedback from people. Between what I was sharing and lots of encouragement from my fiance my inspiration increased greatly. Now that I have made photography more than just a hobby, my life has more purpose and meaning. I truly enjoy sharing the beauty of life with friends and with the world.

John Burman joined Licensing on March 23rd, 2015.