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Learn more about Joel Bruce Wallach from Longmont, CO - United States.

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Many people yearn for balance and well-being in our modern world. Joel Bruce Wallach creates healing art that brings peace, harmony, and inspiration into our environment, to cultivate feelings of unity and joy.

The natural world is a sacred, multidimensional reality that carries healing power, for it is a mirror of our own infinite selves. When we see the shapes and designs of nature, we experience patterns that cultivate well-being for our body, calmness for our emotions, creative stimulation for our mind, and divine peace for our soul.

When these principles are expressed through art, the work carries the potential to uplift, heal, and enlighten, even as the art delights us with its transcendental beauty.

Utilizing lustrous textures, vivid patterns, bold colors, and psychedelic radiance, Joel developed the style he calls Digital Impressionism. This empowers him to powerfully express the shimmering serenity of Nature. The process involves dozens of carefully designed, richly colored digital layers, uniquely combined to create jewel-like images that inspire and delight.

The post-impressionist innovations of Van Gogh, expressing the vibrating presence of nature, has deep meaning for Joel, as does the refined sparkling elegance of Seurat's pointillism. He is moved by Art Nouveau, with its beautifully flowing, nature-inspired themes, and by the mystical stained-glass imagery of medieval illuminations. His lifelong dedication to awareness and wellness forms the foundation of his art and his life.

This artwork is owned solely by the artist, and as such is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. This artwork may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way without written permission of the artist.

Joel Bruce Wallach joined Licensing on January 3rd, 2015.