Joe Adiletta - Artist

About Joe Adiletta

Learn more about Joe Adiletta from Milford, Ct - United States.

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Joe Adiletta is the creator of Gunner Studios where dramatic drawings happen. He acquired formal art training from a prestigious art college but didn’t have the house look that the school was known for. He struggled looking for a different style that he felt comfortable with and could grow into. A fondness of comic book and realistic renderings he strived to combine classic early pen and ink drawings from the early 1900’s with contemporary painting. This required lots of hard work and experimentation. Upon graduation, he worked as a freelancer for several years in the comic book field, which he loved, and illustrated for several ad agencies in New York where he was commissioned for storyboard work and marker comps.

Adiletta’s work demonstrates dynamic use of light and shade. He uses a wide range of values and his compositions show attention to detail even in distant areas of his drawings with lots of fine line work, especially in architectural drawing. He enjoys traveling and shares visual experiences with his art. Although he considers himself a serious artist, he is very lighthearted with a witty sense of humor. As with many artists, Joe is always evolving and moving in different directions. He believes it is as life should be.

Joe Adiletta joined Licensing on August 16th, 2017.