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Jodi Brody - Artist

About Jodi Brody

Learn more about Jodi Brody from Rochester, MN - United States.

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For over 20 years I have pursued a full time career as a classical realist oil painter. I also teach other artists the techniques of the Venetian Masters, and have written a book explaining step by step how to use the classical Venetian methods for portrait painting.

Many of my paintings have been sold to private collectors, and businesses.

I was born in Los Angeles, Ca. to a family that loved and collected fine art. My father was a connoisseur of all the arts, music, writing and most of all classical paintings.

My first recollection of creating art was at the age of three, when I would ask my mother to draw sketches of women for me to copy. She was quite adept at sketching simple portraits of women, and I would take those sketches to my room where I would sit and copy them over and over. By the age of five I had my first set of oil paints, and oil pastels. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be an artist. I continued to draw and paint throughout my childhood and into adolescents and decided to take fine art in college, where I thought I would get a better education about the classical arts. I was sorely mistaken as the fine arts curriculum was centered on the impressionist, post-impressionists, expressionists, and abstract art that had been produced in the twenty century. To my dismay the fine art teachers and professors knew little of and cared even less for the classical masters of the past 400 years. Men and women like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio, Le Bruin, Raphael, or even the masters of the Academies from the 18th and 19th century such as Bouguereau, Leighton, Moore, and Gerome. I was disheartened to say the least, and so I continued on with a formal art education, but changed my emphasis to design, and later became a professional Interior Designer. I continued to pursue my passion for knowledge of the classical master's art with an emphasis on the Venetian artists of the 15th and 16th century forward, in search of their secrets and methods by enrolling in a small classical atelier where I spent two years learning to refine my work. I paint in the style of the Venetian artists using that information I have gathered over the span of many decades.


Jodi has since passed away after battling cancer. She is survived by her husband, Irwin, and grown children. Her art lives on and is available for purchase. Inquiries can be made at the same contact address listed.

She will be in our hearts forever.

Jodi Brody joined Licensing on April 10th, 2007.