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Learn more about Jim Whalen from Norfolk, VA - United States.

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Art Prints

Jim Whalen has been involved with visual arts all of his life, drawing inspiration from both the world around him and his inner spiritual life and expressing it through color, line and form. -- ''Whether I'm exploring nature, or man's imprint upon it, or human emotion or spirit, color is at the foundation of the metaphor. Whether my work is representational or non-representational, I deconstruct a moment, a place, or a feeling and recreate it in line, form and color. The essential thing, for me, is to offer a visual expression of those things in our human experience that words cannot express.'' -- Jim Whalen

I accept Paypal for the Purchase of Originals Paintings. For more information, send me a private message (see tab above) .

All of the images on this site were created by Jim Whalen and are protected by US & International Copyright laws.

Jim Whalen joined Pixels.com Licensing on August 10th, 2013.