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About Jeremy Aiyadurai

Learn more about Jeremy Aiyadurai from Victoria, BC - Canada.

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Born in, and native to, Victoria B.C., Jeremy comes from a multi-cultured family and is the oldest of three siblings.

The 'Moon-child', while raised at an early age, without television, self-discovered his strength, using his finely tuned motor skills for realistic drawings and sketches of cars,trucks,trains and the like. School and illness took Jeremy away from art for many years, until came the day he revived his artistry by trying something new. Today, he constantly discovers what he can create using acrylic paint, losing himself in a colorful world. As a self taught creationist of abstract art, his works evolve around channeled energy, form and geometry through the display of vivid color, and has developed his style into vibrant and colorful contemporary designs on canvas. His art is modern, random, mathematical, universal, slightly musical,symbolic and poetic. He often paints intuitively and his ideas evolve on the canvas as he works.

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All artwork is (c) Jeremy Aiyadurai, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited. This artwork may not be reproduced, copied or distributed, under any circumstances or conditions without prior written consent from the artist. This artwork is NOT public domain.

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Jeremy Aiyadurai joined Licensing on May 25th, 2012.