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Jeremy Aiyadurai - Artist

About Jeremy Aiyadurai

Learn more about Jeremy Aiyadurai from Victoria, BC - Canada.

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Born in, and native to, Victoria B.C., Jeremy Aiyadurai comes from a multi-cultured background and is the oldest of three brothers.
The Moon-child, while raised from an early age, without television in his youth, entertained himself and discovered his strength, at the age of 5,
using his finely tuned motor skills for realistic drawings and technical sketches of cars, trucks, trains and other detailed mechanical interests.

For many years, the creationist had an artistic mental block, which stifled his avenues of expression, until came the day his creativity was revived.
In the darkness of night, this cancer ion's journey continues, as he plunges himself in this new diverse universe, bringing his thoughts to the brush.
This restless abstract spirit has a style, colorful and completely random, often painting intuitively, ideas evolving on the canvas as he works.
His subjects and ideas are eclectic and diverse ranging from abstraction, cubism, fauvism and impressionism etc .
Many have said his work is full of musical emotion and energy.

You will find this timid genius between a rock and a hard place, yet he comes across as a deep philosophical and reflective think tank,
sometimes appearing with a child like demeanor.

As an individual, the imaginative soul lives with his illness, but his creative expression persists, and has been a
satisfying therapeutic positive experience, for himself and others.

All artwork is (c) Jeremy Aiyadurai, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited. This artwork may not be reproduced, copied or distributed, under any circumstances or conditions without prior written consent from the artist. This artwork is NOT public domain.

Jeremy Aiyadurai joined Licensing on May 25th, 2012.