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Learn more about Jennifer E Doll from Lemont, IL - United States.

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..Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals worry about money, masters worry about light, I just take pictures... ~Vernon Trent~

Hi!!! I am self taught avid amateur photographer enjoying sharing with others the wonders of the world around us through the lens of the camera one photograph at a time.

I was born in the country of Panama and raised in Panama and the former Panama Canal Zone area but, now living with my wonderful husband Mike (also an avid photographer when time and opportunity allow) living in suburbia...... Lemont,Illinois.

My hobbies are making art out of Stained glass (my shop is shut down temporarily) & Photography. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than creation itself and capturing it in my photos.

With my Husband's, Parent's and Children's loving nudges and encouragement I have been blessed to be able to take and produce photographs and follow in the footsteps of my forever loved friends & foster grandparents (Faye Crowder Minton & Preston Ewell Minton of the former Panama Canal Zone. May they Rest In Peace ).

My husband and I love to travel when we get a chance giving me plenty of opportunities to take plenty of photographs.
My life long dream is to see the whole world someday. (one Township, City, State, Province, Country at the time). To be able to see all the wondrous man-made and nature made landmarks of our world, the natural beauty of the flora and fauna as well as magnificent Sea and Land scape all around us everyday. To be able to go out and meet people of different regions and get to know their culture, see and experience their lifestyles and learn more about their histories and traditions. I'm not sure if I will ever be able to visit all the countries of the world, but I, along side of my loving husband, am certainly going to give it my all. And I will continue to take photos depicting this wonderful journey in life as long as I am able to.

Two of my favorite Artist are Debra Lynn Mejia, Linda Weldon, Al Sprague, and Autumn De Forest (who is truly an inspiration at her age). And my favorite photographers are Faye Crowder Minton and Preston Ewell Minton. (Both professional photographers who founded the Camera Club in the former Panama Canal Zone and had photos publish in Time magazine and Fortune magazine in the United States), My husband and my kids.

You can also visit me at my web site

Jennifer E Doll joined Licensing on March 9th, 2013.