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Learn more about Jeff Metheny from Rockford, IL - United States.

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Each quarter the charities listed below will receive a portion of all sales:
1st quarter:The Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation - Helping Veterans - Received $300.00 USD.
2nd quarter: No Kid Hungry - Works to ensure kids are able to get the food they need
3rd quarter:The Family Peace Center- Rockford, IL - Provides services to victims of violence
4th quarter:St.Jude Childrens Hospital - Works to advance cures, & means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.

I served in the US Army from 1985-1993 and from 2005-2012. I reenlisted after the attacks of 9/11 because I felt there was something more that I could give our great nation. In 2012, I retired due to injuries I sustained in Afghanistan. Part of a Non-Commissioned Officer’s duties includes taking care of his/her soldiers. Upon retiring no one relieved me of this responsibility, so I continue to take care of my soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guard men and women through volunteerism with several different service organizations. I am a certified Peer Support Specialist through the Department of Veterans Affairs. I was a Veteran Service Officer with the Winnebago County Veterans Assistance Commission. Upon leaving that position I continued serving my fellow service members in a volunteer status with The Purple Hearts and Vietnam Veterans of America organizations. In my duties as a Veteran Service Officer I brought 1,952 cases to successful conclusions. Additionally, I have secured through the VA over 14 million dollars' worth of surplus military clothing and equipment for stand downs in three different states over the course of six years. This surplus allowed upwards of 3,200 homeless or disadvantaged veterans to survive the harsh Midwest winters. I have also been a board member of the Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation since 2016.

While deployed to Afghanistan in 2008-2009, I noticed that there were monuments to those who had passed away in Afghanistan. There was nothing to honor the living. I decided to paint the patches of units that came through my area. I could get paint and brushes but not paint thinner. Not wanting to waste a lot of brushes I noticed one day that I had chewed down a tooth pick so that it looked like a brush. There were plenty of tooth picks and they are biodegradable. I completed over 150 murals in my spare time. They still adorn walls in Afghanistan. I continue to paint this way as a way to honor my fellow service members past and present.

Jeff Metheny joined Licensing on December 14th, 2020.