Janis Cornish - Artist

About Janis Cornish

Learn more about Janis Cornish from Barrie, ON - Canada.

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Artist, Janis L. Cornish, grew up in the small artistic community of Orillia, Ontario.

Over the past several years, she has been fine tuning a teqnique using irridescent ink combined with acrylics.

A technique which takes, 'painting the light' to a whole new level.

An affect, and effect when viewing much of the artist's original work.
She says, 'it's something a print just doesnt capture' like,'The viewer's experience'!

They can be viewed under various levels of lighting, creating different perspectives, at different viewing angles.

Early in her artist career, Janis' piece 'United Light', was featured on the cover of U.S.A.'s 2013 'Spirit Seeker Magazine', Vol. 17, issue No. 9.

Since 2015, an injury followed by an illness, has significantly curtailed her production of work.

The artist has had to ebb and flow with her new challenges and find different ways to further the development of this technique.

It may have slowed the production, but not the vision and determination of her as an artist.

Janis Cornish joined Pixels.com Licensing on May 10th, 2013.