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Learn more about James Geddes from Yacolt, WA - United States.

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I try to tell the visual story poetically. With imagery that depicts the scene rather that recreates and renders it. I am not drawing a house plan or showing you what something will look like when completed... When I write poetry I tend to use phrases and thoughts. Descriptions that fall short of me telling you 'the whole story' so you can interpret what you read, or in this case, what you see. Because we want to relive passages in our lives that are beautiful and have moved us, we have created a visual library of memories. Copies that we love and cherish that have touched our hearts. These memories also include many other sensory delights as well. Feeling the wind, smelling the summer rain, hearing the waves crash against the beach. We all have these wonders locked within us. So.... If I can easily lead you into your vault and unlock those magical feelings and senses, then you have become part of the joy I feel while creating my art, and I have done what I set out to do.


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James Geddes joined Pixels.com Licensing on January 27th, 2011.