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Ivan Batinic - Artist

About Ivan Batinic

Learn more about Ivan Batinic from Dubai, Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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Ivan is self-taught photographer who loves to capture images since his childhood. Everyday moments, small or big happenings, family and friends are opportunities that he normally targets with D810 Nikon camera. The photo album makes bits and pieces of his life story and tells who he is. Extensive worldwide travel, visited over 80 countries, enabled him to capture some amazing landscape images of remote areas, embrace new cultures, meet incredible people and develop lasting friendships.

Since 2006 he was able to obtain professional photo equipment and over time his photography elevated to another level. His favorite�s photos are often focused on landscapes, studio, ordinary people, architecture, corporate and animals. Ivan is an accomplished professional in non-related industry and photography comes as his most favorable off work activity. However, quality of photos is far from where he would like to be, but over the time his expectations are going to be fulfilled.

Currently he resides in Dubai, UAE...

Ivan Batinic joined Licensing on December 9th, 2015.