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Learn more about Helen Duley from Lower Beechmont, QUEENSLAND - Australia.

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Hi to everyone

My series of numinous reflections upon Australian Wildlife are coloured pencils and fountain pen drawings on paper. My father, a drover (cowboy) and forestry worker from remote Gipsland , Victoria, Australia taught me how to see and love the tall treed mountains, and fertile wetlands of our home country. They are also a Remembering of my father, a stockman ( Americans would have called him Cowboy, I think). He drove cattle all through the Snowy Mountains, and for thousands of miles up the Eastern coast of Australia. He taught me about the bush, and to know the birds and animals who belong there. Above all, I remember the lonely cries and the dark fleeting forms of swans that haunted my childhood , elusive as the element of dark wetland water..

These drawings have been created using Artist quality Colored Pencils, and fountain pen ink. My colored pencils include Caran D'ache Luminance, Derwent Lightfast, Faber Castell Polychromos, and Lyra Rembrandt colored Pencils The pens used are modern and antique including old Mabie & Todd Swan and Vintage Japanese pens. The multi-coloured inks are of archival quality American Noodlers and other brands.

The paper comes from various sources, but most are vintage watercolour paper. This includes Antique British Watercolor paper, such as Whatmans, W.H. Hodgkinson paper (made in the famous Wookey hole caves). Also Australian highest quality Blue Lake watercolour paper handmade in Mt Gambier by Maurice Wilson http://bluelakepapermill.com.au.

These drawings are my dreamings of a beautiful and unique wildlife. I grew up playing within this fertile, shimmiering, beautiful wetlands and tall bushlands.

So now, safe within my memory, I draw shimmering tiny moments of wild life gliding through moonlight, invoking my childhood magic, depicting the fragile lifeblood of our land.Creating magical spaces, that become dark mystery, enchanting sacred spaces, renewing wetlands and lakes.

But now our Australian wetlands face severe threats: fracking, drainage and underground coal mining.
Without growing awareness, our ecology and farming could disappear. My drawings aim to raise awareness of this peril.

Hope that you enjoy these drawings.

Helen Duley joined Pixels.com Licensing on November 9th, 2011.