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About Hassan Ragheb

Learn more about Hassan Ragheb from Alarish, A.R .E - Egypt.

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Faculty of Art Education / I love dealing with alternative raw materials / Raw materials available and easy / Many and varied attempts
To get a piece of functional art

Born in the town of El Arish
North Sinai Governorate
The Egyptian Arabic Republic
In 1964
I completed my studies at the Faculty of Art Education
My love for the study of art began since I was in third grade
Line began to repeat to be home
Then draw a neighbor
Which caused me many problems
Art is not limited to drawing only
But it is the beginning of all the art and the beginning of every successful business
I worked in the field of wood, glass, iron and cloth
And clay, wire and plastic
And it exhibited my works in the functional framework

Great greetings and thank you for yourselves

Hassan Ragheb joined Pixels.com Licensing on November 24th, 2014.