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Hans Doller - Artist

About Hans Doller

Learn more about Hans Doller from Escazu, Sa - Costa Rica.

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The german born painter and visionary created over a period of 45 years a powerful body of art, which is regarded by many private collectors, museums and galleries around the world. In his travels he has lived in various different countries, and with different cultures and societies.
This has given him a global scope of 'HUMANITY IN PROGRESS'. Doller's latest work is inspired and dedicated to this theme. At the present time Doller is working on a series of paintings about 'Global Warming'. As a concerned human being it is an artist's obligation to touch some hearts and minds in his own way, and maybe plant some seeds for rectification of this problem.
Educated in art theory and application in Munich, Germany, and always gifted with an enormous amount of imagination, Doller has developed over the years a mastery with the paintbrush. His bold use of color is striking, sometimes agressive, when he intends to drive a message home,
yet harmonic and pleasing to the eye. Temptations of the soul, reflections of the heart and prophesies from the mind are combined to create his DREAMSCAPES. To enter his world, one must first put aside the universal laws of nature. For Doller a mountain is a tree is a man, and returnes to the energy that originally formed him, again and again. Doller is the thinking persons artist. The viewer may take issue with his judgements
but is compelled never the less to listen to the paintings and hear them speak. The paintbrush is to Hans Doller what the pen was to William Shakespeare.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, an exhibit of Doller's work is a virtual library of thoughts and ideas.
The visions are as surreal as the messages are sincere. He pulles no punches as he reveals his
philosophies and sometimes societal critiques in living color, for the world to see, to feel,
to understand and to learn.

Hans Doller joined Licensing on October 7th, 2009.