Ron Haist - Artist

About Ron Haist

Learn more about Ron Haist from Innisfil, ON - Canada.

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R.Murrey Haist (Ron) is an award winning artist encompassing a broad range of creative forms.
He has successfully expressed himself using various mediums such as pencil, pen and ink, oils/acrylic, watercolour, airbrush, photography, poetry and pyrography.
As an artist that captures Canadian scenes, his work has spread throughout North America and Europe.
Growing up in Hespeler, Ontario (now part of Cambridge), his natural surroundings provided endless inspiration to sketch. His subject of choice has always been rural scenes, nature and wildlife. As a boy with a vivid imagination, Ron had snowmen riding horses.
As time progressed his photography skills preserved his subjects for later pieces of art. Ron's keen and creative eye has also won him photographic awards for outstanding captures.
In the 70s, airbrushing was yet another form of creative expression and produced many award winning works. All the while Ron was still creating canvas pieces and showing in galleries.
Ron's natural artistic talent is also found in his words of expression. We have included some of his thoughts and feelings through poetry.

As a gifted wordsmith Ron has now authored a mystery book trilogy series. 'TUOYAWON' has been met with widespread excitement. The second in the series 'Escape From TUOYAWON' is due for release mid 2020. Movie adaptations have already been requested by producers.

'Paintings Are Stories Without The Words --- Books Are Paintings Through The Words - R.Murrey Haist

It is with great pleasure that we share a small glimpse of a diverse artist, through the visual world and creative words of R. Murrey Haist.

Ron Haist joined Licensing on July 30th, 2012.