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Learn more about Guy Shultz from Escondido, CA - United States.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting!

I delight in finding images where one would expect and especially when I find them where few would bother to look.

When you purchase a photograph from my site, Fine Art America only reveals the city and state the order came from. I appreciate your orders and would like to thank you personally. (contact – send private message) I promise not to do more than express my gratitude. I would love to know how and where you are displaying the photograph. If you choose to remain anonymous, Thank You!

While I don't have a burning desire to sway you to experience the emotions, perspectives or beliefs I experienced when I put eye to camera, I do hope my images inspire you to examine your own emotions, perspectives or beliefs.

Make of my images what you will - whatever they invoke in you, I hope you enjoy them. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

All of my photos, unless listed as NFS, are for sale here on FAA. If you have a special request please contact me at

If you are interested in Digital or Print use for books, magazines, calendars, corporate brochures, travel guides or other forms of publication or use, please contact me at

I also have some books available on Blurb. The Art of the Car The Art of the... By Guy Shultz Photogr... Book Preview Photo book


My fascination with photography began about age 10 when I discovered my grandparents National Geographic magazines. My photography career began in the Navy Hospital Corps when, without any photography experience, I volunteered to be an Ophthalmic Photographer, a specialized profession which utilizes unique (expensive) equipment to photograph all aspects of the eye, both inside and out. I turned that Navy experience into a career as an Ophthalmic Photographer then into sales of Ophthalmic Photography equipment.

My first 'serious' camera was a 35mm Canon FT-QL with a 70-300 mm Macro Focusing Zoom lens. That lens opened up a new world of macro photography which allowed me to show the elements, details and patterns of our world that we usually do not notice because many times we only look without seeing. While my preferred medium is black and white, I enjoy shooting rustbuckets, old barns, landscapes, gardens, and hotrods (which I like to present in a different perspective than a mere portrait), but no people and definitely no weddings.

All images and content are the original work of Guy Shultz and are protected under US and International Copyright laws ©Guy Shultz. They may not be removed, transmitted, copied, reproduced, downloaded, saved digitally or revised in any form for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without the written consent of the author.

Guy Shultz joined Licensing on January 1st, 2014.