Giorgos Nicolaou - Artist

About Giorgos Nicolaou

Learn more about Giorgos Nicolaou from Piraeus, Attiki - Greece.

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Giorgos Nicolaou was born and raised up in Athens Greece.He is self-taught painter and miniature sculptor. He has studied business administration and economics in Piraeus. Being an artist was the last thing he was dreaming to be, when he was a child, even sketching ancient Greek mythical heroεs which was one of his favorite play. But life is so unpredictable and sometimes you can reach your dreams easier than you can imagine...
His favorite painting medium is oil. He thinks that oil gives you many advantages in painting. His subjects are the human figurative itself or sometimes mounted in the environment around. He express himself playing with the different values and temperature of the colors, giving gesture to his subjects and trying to capture the emotions and the sensuality of the human being.

Giorgos Nicolaou joined Licensing on June 16th, 2020.