Regina Femrite - Artist

About Regina Femrite

Learn more about Regina Femrite from Savannah, Ga - United States.

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Gina Femrite began cultivating her artistic abilities at an early age under the guidance and mentorship of her father, Johann Strater, a European Impressionist. Her talented as an innovative artist, her passion, and dedication, have acclaimed her the status of an accomplished and well sought-after artist among other contemporaries. Her primary inspiration came from her love of both the Flemish masters and the French impressionists. Gina developed her unique style from that influence, a mixture of realism interwoven with a contemporary flair. The body of her work entails paintings that celebrate the delicate beauty of the female figure, wildlife that captures the accuracy of the animals' physique and movement, and the spirit of the grandeur of nature. In some artwork, the palette is bold and full of contrast, where other paintings have a soft and airy beauty. Gina has an international following of both corporate and private collectors, and her work has been purchased for reproductions by many prestigious publishing houses.

Regina Femrite joined Licensing on January 17th, 2011.