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Think of me as the Architect of Wonder, as the Prince of Serendip...   Think of me as the Creator of immersive and engaging visual experience.   Think of me as the Illusionist who shows the other face of reality.   Now close your eyes and look beyond what seems obvious.   Now forget your eyes and open your mind to new emotions and dimensions.   Now what if...
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Gallery 4. HyperFuturism

In this new collection I have tried to emphasize linear motion and speed. All the pictures depict landscapes seen from a vehicle (car, train, plane, ship) in motion at a high speed. So, the perspective and the animated or unanimated objects of the landscape are each condensed in a continuous line that represents an instant (hic et nunc) frozen and stretched in the flow of time. The color lines are therefore like a geological stratum of distinct presents in a traveler's evolution.

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 8