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Learn more about George Goulas from Springfield, MA - United States.

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I’m self taught and first started painting eight years ago and now working with digital art for four years. I’ve always had an interest in non-mainstream music and film and with art my eye went to the abstract. Art fills an inner need to be creative, gives me joy and inspires my spirit.

I love watching a work change as I move it along with new ideas and directions. It’s almost like a small journey of roads and trials.
Doing, seeing and feeling. Mind, eye and spirit. Each affects the other. Nothing finishes as it begins.

I use Gimp and Apophysis for digital & fractal art. Some works are done totally with Gimp which I think of as a canvas – and fractal works are created using Apophysis and then layered & finished in Gimp.

As much as I love working in the digital realm, lately I have found that I am leaning more and more towards minimal abstracts.

In the future I would love to work on metal & wood.

For the past year I’ve taken sort of a sabbatical to work out other issues, clear out my head, and reconnect with my creativity. It was needed and thru-out the year I experimented with new ideas and reworked unfinished works.
I will be posting new works very soon.

Thank you for visiting.

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