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Learn more about Gena Herro from Geneva, FL - United States.

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With my love for nature, photography, and the fascinating world of art,
I found my true peace and happiness breaking off the societal norms that essentially tore me apart.
This way I could mend, stitch, and fill in the light in my heart,
To create the best version of me, piece by peace, part by part...
Experience taught me that when we are faced with doubt,
It is essential that we remain devout.
Especially when the lights go dim and eventually go out.
Through God and through nature we learn that that is what life is all about,
For that is where growth takes place and our true life begins to sprout...
How else would we see our own spark,
If our world stayed lit and never got dark?
Sometimes it's the scariest missions on which we embark,
That lead us to build and create our own Ark....
Gena Bena
#GLH #photographer #photography #artist #acrylic #pour #godsgifts #naturalbeauty #distortedrainbows #keeplookinup

Gena Herro joined Licensing on December 13th, 2020.