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I am a 60 year old professional musician (pianist) who came into the visual arts at a later age. I very occasionally drew portraits in pencil and charcoal for many years on my own, occasionally exploring pastel painting. I began to paint consistently in May of 2013. Now I work in mostly watercolor and occasionally iPad Art.

My main interest is beauty and following whatever process that leads me there, whether it's watercolor or digital.

I am learning that my Watercolor paintings of Pawleys Island, SC are very popular. Thus I have created a whole new Collection, aptly titled 'Pawleys Island Watercolors' so that those interested can see them all in one place. Simply click the horizontal text link titled 'Collections' above the images. Then browse to the Pawleys Island Collection.

NOTE: About prints sizes: I advise my customers to please take note of the original size of the work - please read the information to the right etc. This is just to make sure you are aware of original size and understand what size you are looking for in relation to that. The digitization process now opens the possibility for much larger sizes relative to the original, and I have decided to take advantage of that flexibility. Therefore, just understand that while you may opt to buy a print at a fairly large size - and that's no problem - do understand that the original size of the painting itself may be small in relation. Thank You !

For those interested in my music, please visit

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Frank Bright joined Licensing on January 16th, 2013.