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Learn more about Flavio Vieri from FIGLINE E INCISA VALDARNO, ITALY - Italy.

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My name is Flavio Vieri and I live in Tuscany, in Italy.

I work in marketing, but photography is my biggest passion. A few years ago I started selling photos on the Microstock market. This experience helped me to improve the quality of my photos, but that type of images left too little room for my creativity, so here I am.

I love mirror symmetry and geometrization of shapes. I am fascinated by the way of seeing reality not for what it is, limited in the classic three dimensions, but for what, for my imagination, it could be.

Almost all of my photographs, indeed, describe a world that does not exist, could never exist with the laws that govern our universe. I also like physics, didn't you understand? :-)

So how are my images born?

I start by looking for something of beautiful getting my attention. It can be a shape, a color, a particular object. Then I start to imagine this image hanging on the wall of a room in my house or my office. Because I like to create images that can be seen and appreciated not only in a museum, but everywhere, in everyday life. Colors, geometric shapes, abstractions of my images should be able to make your life environment better. More welcoming, more colorful, more beautiful. And to help you travel with fantasy. Because life is nothing without fantasy.

When I found something interesting, I try to imagine it differently, and it becomes even more interesting.
Then it starts processing with Photoshop and when the work is finished, the image tells a story that is also very different from how I had imagined it.

This is the beauty of art! People, objects placed in an multidimensional specular context ranging from colored to black and white take on much deeper meanings in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes I describe this 'message' in the description of the photograph, other times I like the viewer to guess it.

An interesting story within an interesting image. To make your home or office even more interesting. And to stimulate your imagination, and that of your guests.

This descriptive phase is also fascinating, don't you ? I like to think that if you buy one of my works you will love the words describing it as much as you will love its colors and shapes.

Ah, this is important, too: All of my works sold via Fine Art America or Pixels come complete with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

What do you say, do you want to look and 'read' my portfolio?

Flavio Vieri joined Pixels.com Licensing on March 8th, 2020.