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Art is perceiving, mediating, recognizing, absorbing ...a way of sharing and approaching the value of living beings sensitively but liberal.

Art creation is embracing the unknown with what we have within, what affects us by surrounding - A part of being self the same-time that limits us, but filters us as unique individuals; The urge of disconnecting from being well involved with common sense, but apart from the detachment that is being blind or numbness... against all the odds, expressing what we hold on, then let go...... as an appreciation towards to all, as a way of self-awareness in return.

The photographs those I took, sort of a role of amateur habit entirely, whenever something catches my eye and relates with the senses those first sights could of reach instinctively, as it is the quickest direct response towards to all; As for painting, it is a true passion of absorbing, receiving and expressing process of mine.

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Personal Website: www.dejavuartdesigns.com

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Art Prints
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Also at https://creativethresholds.com/2016/06/23/humbled-artist/




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