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About Eva-Maria Di Bella

Learn more about Eva-Maria Di Bella from Bad Arolsen, Hessen - Germany.

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In the eighties: paper collages and with these first exhibitions in Frankfurt am Main. 1985 to 1990: publishing reports, collages, graphics and cover pictures on critical social issues in the social psychiatry magazine 'Journal Meeting'. Since 1990: designing numerous catalogs, brochures, logos, posters and much more. Create digital art pictures, multimedia presentations, video sequences. Publisher and author of publications. Various exhibitions, art events and art activities (eg exhibitions with the artist Carmelo Di Bella, who died in 2003). Music composing with the computer is another focus. Around 500 electronic music tracks were developed up to 2008. Last but not least, photography has finally become my passion!

Since 2008: Own online store for art, jewelry and home accessories (currently only shipping within Germany and in the EU countries).
Since 2011: Fine art gallery with works by Carmelo Di Bella (1945-2003) and other artists.

Look here: www.artdesign-dibella.eu |
www.artdesign-dibella.de | www.eva-maria-dibella.de | www.artlyris.de | www.carmelo-dibella.de | www.polyformart.de | www.einfach1laden.de

Eva-Maria Di Bella joined Pixels.com Licensing on July 26th, 2011.