Ethos Lambousa - Artist

About Ethos Lambousa

Learn more about Ethos Lambousa from Nicosia, Cyprus - Cyprus.

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“Ethos of Lambousa” is a painter and a philosopher. He was born in 1972. He studied in various countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Greece, receiving a BSc, an MSc and a PhD. In philosophy he is focused on the spirit which motivates the ideas and customs. Dr “Ethos of Lambousa” believes in the grid of human values, including “Right Conduct”, “Peace”, “Truth”, “Respect” and “Not Violence”. As a painter, Ethos, is inspired by the human values as he believes they should exists. In 2014, he started a series of new projects which are actually a protest against the way governments and individuals violate the human values and the human existence.

Ethos Lambousa joined Licensing on August 3rd, 2014.