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Learn more about Emre Yaprak from Istanbul, Sisli - Turkey.

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14 November 1983. I grew up in Istanbul, my childhood graphics, on-going design and artistry has increased my interest and I have always been a love. In the past, I have loved my time as well as daily knowledge and experience, and exercised willingly from the heart. Artistic design, graphics and ongoing self-improvement work, I have lived through all the hardships and I have been a member of this good profession because I have not known these obstacles until recently, and I continue to do so. I love the perfect job that depends on work and life, when I believe in the sacredness of my labor, know how to achieve it, and depend on it from my heart. To adhere to business discipline rules, to keep warm and positive communication with people, to provide team harmony and team spirit quickly and to be always open to innovation which is indispensable for me. I have an understanding of self-development. Calligraphy, typography, pen, oil-based acrylic paint etc. The artistic works that constitute the basic line and art are motifs of 'Anatolian Turkish and Islamic Art'. My studies continue to be active in the field of art. General canvas and various paper products lines, painting, calligraphy, drawing and design works I made a design studio I made and I gave my artistic works my own studio studio name. (YAPRAK CREATIVE STUDIO) At the beginning of 2013, with the establishment of a studio in my name, I continue to work my spare time actively and work outside working hours. Vocational education and training can be an example of giving a designer and I would like to come to a new artist and give them the knowledge and experience through this beautiful visual world and artistic transfer, It is the duty of man to be one of the greatest principles of the world. There are countless services that are among the world's leading designers and the world of fine arts and offered to humanity.
Emre Yaprak

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