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About Elliot Janvier

Learn more about Elliot Janvier from Cold Lake, AB - Canada.

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Elliot Janvier was born in Cold Lake, Alberta in 1978. He was raised on the Cold Lake First Nations Reservation, where he has lived all his life. A self-taught artist, Elliot has always poured his heart and soul into his artistic pursuits. His interests include drawing, sketching, poetry, and writing.

Elliot began promoting his art in 2011, with the love and support of his biggest fan, his wife, Tracey. Together they are raising their family, living life to the beat of their own drum.

Elliot's early life was cemented in family. He has drawn inspiration from his beloved Grandparents, who also helped to raise him. They instilled in him the morals and ethics he still holds dear today. His Grandmother is still alive today, the oldest Elder(Grandmother) on the reservation.

Much of Elliot's inspiration for his artwork comes from his deep connection to the Earth and nature. His totem, the wolf, appears in his artwork, as does many other of Mother Nature's gifts, both in the animal kingdom, and all that grows around it. His artwork is influenced by traditional Native American art, but includes his own unique style.

Elliot Janvier joined Pixels.com Licensing on March 3rd, 2011.