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Learn more about Elena Nosyreva from Dallas, TX - United States.

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I was born and raised in Russia. I got my PhD degree in biology in St Petersburg State University (Russia) and continued my research work in the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1999, I moved to the United States to pursue my neuroscience research at the UT Southwestern Medical Center located in Dallas, TX.
Being a scientist has been very rewarding in many aspects including creativity. However, I felt a compelling need to further express myself by taking an artistic journey.

My artistic experimentation has evolved into a tremendously exciting form - mixed media collage, fine art photography, and digital art. I like experimenting with my photographs. I combine multiple images, textures, to crystallize an image that says something new and different at the emotional level.

My 'Still life' series are inspired by paintings in Flemish and Dutch baroque style. I like the freedom in the arrangement of elements within a composition, and a challenge in creating a special light witch enhances the mood of a still life.

The inspiration for my mixed media collages is travel photos, postcards, road maps, found and hand painted papers. There are infinite ways in which these materials together with abstract elements of art - color, shape, line, texture, can be transformed into rich and expressive visual statements.

My award winning works has been shown at numerous exhibitions and juried into fine art shows. Much of my work resides in private collections in the US and Russia.

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