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About Dorrett Lomas

Learn more about Dorrett Lomas from Mellor, Cheshire - United Kingdom.

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I am a self taught instinctive Artists, Psychotherapist and a Mindfulness Practitioner, l paint oil on canvas, I paint what l feel and witness in my daily
work and life. My paintings seek to sooth and inspire connections with the emotional threads of our very existence, forming a solid foundation of Hope
and Compassion. My art illustrate my love of exploring texture and colour mixed with emotional awareness and mindfulness with Self-compassion.

I have a special place in my heart for Children, Young people and Young adults. My life is devoted to helping them and their families recovery from past or present traumas. I am a peoples person but also love the solitude of my own company with nature. I love living in the countryside and feel free and relax with beautiful landscape enjoying the colours of the seasons. I wish l could clear away all the suffering in the world, especially for children and young people who have very little power over what is happening in their lives.

The practice of Mindfulness for me offers an alternative way of relating to my external world (relationships and environment) and my Internal experiences. (Thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations) without unhelpful judgment or knee jerk reactions that can cause distress. Mindfulness helps me to be more kind and compassionate to myself and others. Mindfulness encourages me to feel more relaxed and at peace, and accepting who l am - just as l am. I feel the positive outcome of my Mindfulness practice is my paintings takes on a wondrous qualities of their own, with no fear of judgement or apologies.

Wishing Kindness and peace to all beings Dorrett

Dorrett Lomas joined Licensing on October 9th, 2016.